Our primary goal is always pioneering the analytical research on fragrance and essential oil analysis. EPS is one of the earliest adopters of GC-MS systems in the world. We have developed our in-house MS software system and methodology.

Discovering the undiscovered is our speciality.


As a result of our expertise in both fragrance development and chemistry, we continuously discover some highly impact chemicals, which are used in woody, ambery and agar wood fragrances. These products are custom synthesized in several countries for internal usage.


We have deep knowledge and experience on distillation of essential oils. We continue to discover and adopt new essential oils found in many continents of the world; as a further matter, some essential oils are exclusively produced for our in-house usage.

Our specialists examine and improve our fragrance performance in terms of stability.


Our application chemists are product experts and they are consistently working to reach excellent results on fragrance which applied areas such as creams, shampoos, aerosols, fabric softeners, air fresheners etc. Our specialists examine and improve our fragrance performance in terms of stability, diffusivity and substantivity. EPS application department serves for any kind of customer request on technical information and support.


Besides conventional Dynamic and Static headspace systems EPS has invented and patented MOPAD HEADSPACE technology. MOPAD is Molecular Oriented Phase Adsorption Desorption Technology, which enables not only to analyze the trace components found in living products, but also analyze our customers finished products. In this way only the most effective and stable products can be used effectively in creations for customers specific applications. MOPAD Head Space technology enables to analyze all living flowers, fruits, barks, leaves, vegetables, trees found all over the world. With this technology we recreate the world most desired and natural odors.

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