fragrance... we design.

Being one of the largest fragrance manufacturers in Turkey, we develop winning fragrances with superior performance in various product categories like fine fragrances, home care and personal care. We constantly follow the trends globally, modify them according to the needs and demands of our customer and implement them according the needs and facts of the related markets.

tailor-made fragrance development

We have a privileged, tailor made approach to execute a specific market research for each and every our customer. We use sophisticated, high end analysis technologies, such as GC-MS along with our own internally developed unique MS software system. Being the earliest adaptor of these systems in Turkey, we are definitely setting the trends for high grade fragrance manufacturing.

automation and technology... our trademarks

It’s not the point to produce fragrances, but to produce it accurate, consistent, reliable and on time. Our production system is 97% automated and this is where we stand tall whenever we meticulously manufacture and deliver your products on time.

Hands Off... Absolutely.

Producing fragrances is not our challenge. Producing exactly the same product when a purchase order is repeated is. By means of automation levels of 97% that leads to zero human error in production… That’s where our game starts to play.

Haute Couture... State of the Art.

We are not the supplier. We are the fragrance tailors working for you. You just bring your concept to us and we start working. We come to you with great ideas, each of them meticulously designed, perfectly compatible with new trends.

  • Automation Level of Production 97%
  • Level of Export Intensity 80%

Our Business Approach

We never consider ourselves as “suppliers” for our customers; we rather call ourselves as “partners”. Here is a demonstration of how we operate: Our customer comes to us with a concept. After taking the brief about the concept, we start brainstorming with our fragrance development and perfumery team, in order to build up a work of art, create new fragrances according to the recent trends, or, even better, we create brand new, tailor-made fragrance to our customer. We make our moves according to the concept, the costs and price and even according to the package of the finished product. We perform all the quality and stability tests and prepare the options for our customer. We are always adaptable, flexible, versatile, and ambitious on your projects.

News and Updates

EPS Fragrances once again awarded by the MINISTERY OF ECONOMY as “STAR OF EXPORT”. EPS FRAGRANCES was awarded 1st place in the category of FRAGRANCES for two years consecutively.